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AI is reshaping Leadership. Will you Lead or Follow?

Gain the edge in AI Leadership and Shape your industry's Tomorrow

Future-Proof your Leadership Career

Bridge the AI skills Gap in your Organisation

Navigate AI Disruption with Confidence

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Many individuals have already enrolled in our Leadership Workshop, attesting to its value and the demand for quality AI & Leadership Coaching.

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Can you lead an AI strategy if you don't understand AI?

Whether you're an aspiring leader or a current one, understanding AI is crucial for driving organizational strategy. Employees with AI knowledge are increasingly being called upon to contribute to strategic discussions, offering insights that can shape company direction.


For leaders, the ability to craft and implement effective AI strategies is becoming a key measure of success. Without a solid grasp of AI's potential and pitfalls, both groups risk making uninformed decisions that could have far-reaching consequences. In a world where AI is a key differentiator, can you afford to be on the sidelines of your organization's AI journey?

Struggling with Job Interviews

Feel lost facing interviewers? Boost your confidence with expert interview training.

Unnoticed in Job Market

Your CV doesn't stand out? Learn to craft winning resumes that grab attention.

Ineffective Networking Skills

Networking feels awkward? Master the art of making professional connections.

Poor Negotiation Abilities

Selling yourself short in salary talks? Gain the skills to negotiate like a pro.


Introducing Career Leap Academy

The training institute that will empower you to lead in the AI-driven future - guaranteed!

Accelerate Your AI Leadsership Journey

Enhance your strategic leadership skills with Career Leap Academy's AI-focused curriculum, equipping you to drive innovation and growth in the age of artificial intelligence.

Learn from AI and Leadership Experts

Gain cutting-edge insights from seasoned professionals like AI strategist from Growth School and leadership coach George Akle and Andrew Jones through our practical, industry-aligned courses.

Convenient Online Learning

Master AI leadership skills with our flexible online program, blending theory and hands-on learning at your convenience. Live sessions are delivered by both AI experts and seasoned business leaders.

Expand Your AI Leadership Network

Grow your professional circle and discover opportunities by networking with peers and industry experts in the forefront of AI adoption and implementation.

Some Ideal Participants for this AI Leadership Course

Tech Leaders Professionals

Emerging Tech Leaders Professionals in tech roles looking to transition into leadership positions in AI-driven organizations.

Mid-career Executives


Mid-career Executives Experienced managers and executives seeking to enhance their AI knowledge to lead digital transformation initiatives.

Job Seekers

Training for job seekers who are actively searching for employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Leaders of startups and established businesses looking to leverage AI for innovation and growth.

Be Quick! Last few seats are remaining for this transformative AI leadership program!


Meet Your Business Mentors

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Meet Andrew Jones, The Master Mentor, Executive Coach

Discover how Andrew Jones, an acclaimed Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, can be the catalyst for your professional transformation.


With over 20 over years of experience, from extensive experience in mentoring and career counseling in Singapore,  Andrew is dedicated to equipping you with the soft skills crucial for career advancement.

Expertise in Leadership Puzzles: Solved complex leadership challenges across various organizations in Asia.

Tailored Coaching Methodology: Offers personalized Coaching, Mentoring, or Career Counseling to drive authentic and holistic results.

Cross-Cultural Proficiency: Skilled in nurturing both Asian talents and foreign professionals in Asian markets.

George Akle, Your Industry Mentor at Career Leap Academy

Elevate Your Professional Game with the Expert Who Transforms Organizations. George Akle's hands-on learning approach at Career Leap Academy isn't just educational—it's an investment in your future. 


By connecting theory with practical application, you'll gain invaluable skills in negotiation, emotional intelligence, and networking—skills that George himself has used to forge a stellar career path.

25+ Years of HR Excellence: A seasoned mentor with a quarter-century of HR expertise, George is a wellspring of knowledge for aspiring professionals.

Innovative Training Programs: His training programs are not just about learning; they're about application in real-world scenarios, helping you to understand the intricacies of HR governance and risk management.

Proactive Risk Management: Learn from the master of proactivity how to anticipate and mitigate risks, making you and your organization resilient and future-ready.

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Diana David, The Transformative Leadership Catalyst

Diana David, a dynamic Executive MBA Recruiter and emerging thought leader in leadership development, can propel your career into the future of business.


With her freshly minted MBA and years of hands-on experience, Diana is passionate about equipping professionals with the leadership skills essential for thriving in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Continuous Learning Advocate: Having recently completed her own MBA, Diana embodies the lifelong learning mindset crucial for today's leaders, allowing her to relate firsthand to the challenges and aspirations of ambitious professionals.

Proven Track Record: Has guided and mentored countless executives through their MBA journey and beyond, maintaining long-lasting professional relationship that speak to the enduring value of her insights.

Global Business Acumen: Regular speaker at international forums, including recent engagements in Hong Kong and Thailand, sharing insights on Work Health and sustainable Leadership practices.

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Whether you have questions about integrating AI into your leadership strategy, navigating ethical challenges in AI implementation, or leveraging AI to drive innovation in your organization, we are here to assist you. Our experts can help you prepare for the AI-driven future of leadership.

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